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Facial Trauma

Treatment of facial trauma can take a very experienced surgeon, one who is interested in taking special care of both the aesthetic balance of your face and the function of all of your oral systems. Dr Leinkram is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with the expertise, experience and keen eye for cosmetic treatment to help you overcome any trauma you experience and return to loving the way you look and feel.

Facial trauma surgery often solely focuses on restoring the function of the damaged tissue or bone in your face, but it is just as important for your mental and physical health to retain the natural structure of your face. Dr Leinkram wants you to rebound from facial trauma in a way that you can continue to retain your sense of self. You do not necessarily need to compromise your physical appearance after a traumatic incidence. We will work with you to give you results that help you improve your health and feel your best.

Types of Trauma

Facial trauma ranges from injuries resulting from car accidents, sports, violence and even work-related situations. Broken bones, lost teeth and other trauma to the mouth and face can fall under the categories of soft tissue injuries affecting your gums and skin or bone injuries affecting the health of your skull and jaw. No matter the case, there can be a solution that is specific to your condition and which will help you return to a sense of normalcy after an incidence that can leave you feeling hopeless.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries might include deep lacerations and usually only require stitches for repair. Though these may affect large portions of the face, the solution can be very simple and easily mended. However, it still takes an experienced surgeon to give you results with the least amount of scarring and which preserve the natural form of your facial features.

Maxillofacial Injuries

Bone injuries are typically more complicated to mend than tissue traumas, as they can dramatically change the form and function of your oral systems. Maintaining your facial integrity is important to ensuring you are able to speak, chew and perform other daily functions effectively. Be sure to choose a surgeon who is both versed in stabilizing your oral function and dedicated to giving you results that preserve your appearance.

These surgeries often require careful planning and recovery, which should be taken very seriously. Planning ahead and following instructions for your care after surgery is vital in ensuring your outcome is the best possible.

How to Find Your Solution

If you have suffered from any type of facial trauma, contact ESOMS today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr Leinkram to discuss your options for treatment. This consultation can help bring clarity to a very trying situation.

To schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr LeinkramCall Us Today: +612 9386 0595