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Impacted Teeth

Commonly, teeth fail to erupt properly into the mouth. Most frequently, this will occur to the maxillary canines (the “I” teeth in the top jaw). Usually, your orthodontist will ask that these be exposed by creating a small window in the gum. Occasionally, a small gold chain will be attached the tooth whilst it is under the gum. The orthodontist will then gently “pull” the tooth out of the gum and into proper alignment.

To determine the precise location of the impacted teeth, your child usually requires a cone beam CT scan. This is an extremely low dose CT scan. Dr Leinkram will review these scans with you. This will enable you and your child to see the impacted teeth clearly and understand the intended surgery and orthodontic treatment.

Rarely, the teeth that are impacted are very unfavourably positioned, malformed or they may be extra teeth that you do not require. In these instances, extraction of these teeth may be recommended.